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How I discovered astrology ?

I never believed in astrology, I even found it amusing when I’d hear someone mentioning zodiac signs or talking about the horoscope. Trust me, I can perfectly understand the people who don’t believe in the zodiac, because, believe it or not, I used to be exactly the same. Whenever I read the horoscope I saw nothing ever came true. I believed the only thing that matters in life is what you want to do and that your own actions are the only determinants of your future. I believed that you are in charge of your own destiny, and from my perspective, astrology was just a form of entertainment. I never really understood the expression ” what`s meant to be”, I thought it made no sense and that it was sort of a superstition. But then I discovered traditional astrology and my mindset shifted completely.

birth chart
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From skeptic to astrologer

Everything changed for me on a Thursday in August 2012, when I was so bored at home, that I thought I’d entertain myself with reading the horoscope for the month of August. I accidentally clicked on a link and was taken to a website where you could create your birth chart based on your birthday and geographic location. And then, as I read into the chart, I was almost shocked when I came across a few events that had actually happened in my life until that moment. That was the point when I got in touch with an astrologer from the US and asked him how I could find out some more precise details about my life, such as ” when I will begin my career and what will I work in”, “in what period of life I will be happiest and where?” and other such questions.

He was one of the sincerest individuals I ever spoke to and he told me that he can try to give me some kind of insight, but not with the kind of accuracy that I expected. He told me that this kind of accuracy is only to be found in medieval astrology. He also told me that if I don’t find the answers I`m looking for in the writings of medieval astrologers, I would not find them anywhere else in astrology. His response had a big impact on me and that was the moment when I began my search and my pursuit of the truth. The information I found in the writings of medieval astrologers fascinated me, and I had absolutely no idea that in those years (for example in 1600) astrologers could possibly be so skilled and precise, considering technology never played any role in those years. I never believed you can find out the length of life, diseases, fate of your children, quality of dreams etc I was impressed to read that astrologers were skilled in astronomy and math played a role in this science. Until that moment I was sure astrology was just for fun, or simply a form of fortune telling, but not because astrology is not accurate, but because today it has become a deceitful form of psychology. And that was the starting point of my journey into the intricate and precise discipline of traditional astrology

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