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Why horoscopes don't work?

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That’s easy. Even natives that are the same sign and have the same ascendant and very different from one another. Natives belonging to the same sign , having even the same ascendant are again different from one another. The general horoscope works as good as if I were to apply the same medical treatment to everyone. Don`t relate to your signs ? The sun sign astrology is a recent creation designed to attract mass audiences. In the Western world astrology has become a source of entertainment. But that’s not because astrology is not accurate , but its because astrology has been ruined by modern psychology. This is the main reason why on this website you will not find weekly, monthly or yearly horoscopes.

Many times we hear on TV or we read online about some major astrological event: a blue moon or a pink moon or an eclipse that’s going to change our lives. In my case such a thing never happened , and such a thing happens extremely rare, and when it does, this so called life changing event must be sustained by other aspects in the natal chart. Without other indications that an important event will take place in one`s life, this new moon or blue moon or whatever you want to call it, it will not bring you that desired change.

Let`s take a look at a few examples from a few charts that can be interpreted in 2 ways : Jupiter in the 2nd house square or opposite Saturn which is in the 6th house in the natal chart – You suffer because you remember your failures more than your successes and you have a hard time developing a picture of yourself as a winner. You tend to look for the quick fix. Hard work and consistency brings success for you just like it does for everyone else. Yes indeed you do need some luck but this can come from perspective or vision in life. You have some inner conflict between idealism , hope and faith versus doubt and oppression by practical realities. You will grow by developing discipline and patience and you will have to learn to accept frustration and persevere in spite of obstacles.

The same aspect analyzed from a traditional point of view: if Jupiter is lord of the 2nd house or dispositor of part of fortune and Saturn out of the 6th house does cast his square aspect to him, if Jupiter is very strong the native shall be very rich , yet he shall receive prejudice from some of his father`s kindred, or from a servant of by dealing in small cattle. When ? he will receive such prejudice when either part of fortune comes to the terms, opposition, square, conjunction of Saturn and the native of sufficient age , capable of dealing in wordly affairs. Or when the ascendant comes to the evil aspect of Saturn, and this direction falls out to be in the 2nd house.

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Lets take a look at another example :  Mars (11th House) opposite Saturn (5th house) from a psychological point of view we can say that it brings a personality trait that is not at all constructive – these people are often unable to finish things they have started , even when its important for them. They can get excited about it but they quickly give up when they see obstacles along the way. These natives often have a weaker will and they are not persistent and firm. If we analyze this aspect in a more concrete way we say Mars is in the 11th house of friends and this gives you friends in the military, police, surgeons, chemists, firefighters . They can be aggressive and contentious , bullying others and transgressing legal limits. This aspect also indicates some social problems in life, friends are not sincere or reliable. If Saturn also happen to rule the 12th house then some of them will become your secret enemies , and they will also have conflicts with some other people and will have many issues in their love relationships.

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