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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ?

Astrolog Simona GMS > Why we don’t use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in traditional astrology?

Why we don't use these planets in traditional astrology?

We all heard about them and now you are going to wonder why shouldn’t we use them in predictive astrology? We thought Uranus rules Aquarius and now we read that is ruled by Saturn and not by Uranus. I am going to give the explanations below:

They are called generational planets and they effect the entire generation . They are called ” invisible ” planets because they are not seen with the naked eye. They orbit the Sun so slowly that they are said to shape entire generations. Since the invention of the telescope Western astrology has incorporated Uranus Neptune Pluto and other bodies (asteroids) into its methodology. In modern astrology Uranus is believed to rule the sign of Aquarius, Neptune is believed to rule the sign of Pisces and Pluto the sign of Scorpio. The concept of Uranus ruling Aquarius was clearly well known by the end of the 19th century, it was not universally accepted. Gradually many astrologers began to accept this, until numerous astrologers forgot that it hadn’t always been so. The traditional rulers are Saturn for both Capricorn and Aquarius, Jupiter for both Sagittarius and Pisces and Mars for both Scorpio and Aries.

Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun, spending about 7 years in each sign of the zodiac. Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the Sun spending approximately 14 years in each sign and Pluto takes 248 years to make a full circuit of the zodiac , but its progress is highly variable : it spends between 15 and 26 years in each sign .

Now lets compare them to Mars which takes about 2 years to make a full circuit of the zodiac and spends about one month and a half in each sign . This is the main reason we don’t use these planets in traditional astrology , and we only use the 7 classical planets – those easily seen with the naked eye – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. They are personal and social planets because they are said to represent the basic human drives of every individual.

Lets take an example – people born with URANUS in Libra – those natives are all about balance in their personal relationships and have a desire for harmony and tranquility – but Uranus which is a very unpredictable planet when is in this sign brings sudden change and disruption in their relationships.
When these planets bring major changes is when they are switching signs but this effect is going to be felt by the whole generation , not by a few people only. Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected changes, rules freedom and originality, radical ideas as well as revolutionary events that upset established structures.

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What does modern astrology refer to when analyzing it?

We know many people who are very hard working and practical people , so when lets say Neptune is switching signs and transiting their 5th house they suddenly feel they need to take things slower , they need to have more fun, take dance classes , some of them can feel they need to get into spirituality etc

We are going to look at more examples below to understand how astrologers analyses them :

Mars uses a lot of energy to be productive so when Neptune hits your Mars you feel you cannot focus anymore , you are less productive and you can also be depressive. When Neptune makes a conjunction , square or opposition to a personal planet in your chart – to Venus – you are forced to deal with what you have , or forced to accept the inevitable because what you wanted is not possible and Neptune is the planet of unconditional love and illusion, dreams and idealism. Its appearance coincided with the discovery of anesthetics and hypnotism. We can say about Neptune that is a force in the background that energizes things.

What is Pluto ? They keyword for Pluto is transformation and represents subconscious forces ruling all that is below the surface, it is associated with renewal and rebirth. Pluto`s transits last very long and they hurt the most – its hurts the Ego, and usually hits the personal planets 5 times , so by the time Pluto hits your Mars for the 5th time, you feel that everything you believed until that point is no longer true , you feel extremely frustrated and when you feel the things you wanted so much are not possible it brings so called identity crisis and as a result you suffer very much.

But here we are talking about changes on a psychological level , we are not talking about changes that are related to concrete things: money, marriage, career, etc Major changes in one`s life are caused by the other planets , and not by these 3 planets. If we were to analyze a chart without these 3 planets we could do that without any problem. But if we were to take some of the other planets out, then we would have a serious problem predicting life events and analyzing the chart. People interested in what these planets signify can easily go online and read all about Pluto in Scorpio or Uranus in Leo . I also want to underline the fact that traditional astrology doesn’t deal with asteroids such as Chiron, Eros, Cupid, Pallas, Vulcan and similar. However we do use the north and the south node of the moon and fixed stars which are extremely important .

These are the reasons why I will not use these 3 planets when it comes to predict life events or even when it comes to describe a person or any matter in a given birth chart.