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Differences between traditional and modern astrology

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What is the difference between traditional and modern astrology?

Astrology today is seen primarily as a method of character analysis and psychological insight. Prediction is dismissed as impossible due the considerable loss of technique. Medieval astrology being before psychology, has no psychology in it.

If you are not using astrology to predict things you are not a true astrologer. Many astrologers prefer to focus on explanation interpreting external events in terms of personal feelings and perceptions. Medieval astrology concentrates on making precise prediction of events, while modern astrology uses the native`s chart to assist in giving them psychological counseling . Traditional techniques focus on objective realities, not on psychological development. This is many miles away from the Sun Sign astrology in newspapers, online, or magazines which is entertainment invented in the early 20th century to sell more newspapers.

In astrology the 2nd House represents Money and if we look at it we should be able to say if money comes easily to you or with hardship, when your finance will be good or bad, will you earn your money by just means or illegal means, etc

But nowadays , in modern astrology the 2nd house is the perception of money , your emotional view of the money, but it doesn’t say anything concrete about the real money. The view is only on the subjective status of money.

Traditional astrology offers answers to concrete questions such as : will I get married and if so , when ? early or late in life? In which part of life will my finances improve? Will I be successful in life and when? what part of life is happiest ? In which part of the world shall I direct my business for better success ? Where is best for me to travel ?

If we are only looking for psychological insight a psychologist can also help us with that , but he or she wont be able to predict your future.

The astrologer`s main role should be to predict the future and talk about concrete events, instead of focusing only on emotional fluxations.

It`s not wrong at all to include some psychology in the consultation as long as we offer all the answers to concrete the questions that people have. It is important to understand that astrological psychology provides a tool for self understanding and spiritual growth but IT IS NOT about predicting the future. Traditional astrology on the other hand is about predicting the future and never followed the format that brought in the most money – telling people what they want to hear.

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Major differences

Another major difference between these two are the predictive techniques which are completely different . The predictive techniques used in classical astrology are far more accurate than the ones used in modern astrology. Traditional astrology does not rely on secondary progressions , solar arc directions or transits when it comes to predicting different types of events. Transits are not associated with causality of effects in someone`s life but rather as triggers of underlying causes , things that are being produced by other factors in the chart : firdaria, profections, chronocractor, primary directions etc . In traditional astrology they are not used as a primary predictive tool and are not crucial as they are in modern astrology.
In traditional astrology we don’t use asteroids (Chiron, Ceres, Eros, Pallas, Vulcan, Lilith etc) , only the North and South node of the moon are used, and fixed stars.

Diferenta intre astrologia medievala-moderna