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Does astrology offer all the answers?

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Can we change our destiny ?

It is believed that a very good astrologer can predict up to 75% . But the interesting question is what happens to the remaining 25% ? This is God`s intervention in our lives that can change our life including our destiny. Lets look at one example like this in the Bible : The book of Jonah depicts Niniveh as a wicked city worth of destruction. God sent Jonah to preach to the Nonevites of their coming destruction and they fasted and repented because of this.

When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, he relented and did not bring on them the destruction he had threatened. When Jonah protests against this, God states that He is showing mercy for the population who are ignorant of the difference between right and wrong and mercy for the animals of the city.

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What is a natal chart ?

Natal chart is a photograph of the heaven at the time you were born and serves as a cosmic map for your journey on Earth. A natal chart is based on the exact time , date and place of our birth and is completely specific to us. The purpose of astrology is foresee the signs of our fate and prepare us for it. We all have our dreams and aspirations but how successful we are going to be with our plans that is what is written in our natal chart.

Many of us want fame, success, money, power but what kind of fame we are going to have and if it will be long lasting fame or not, that again is seen in our chart. Is it going to be a greater fame or a lesser fame ? One may have brilliant , spotless fame or it may have limited, tainted fame. Not everyone can be George Michael when it comes to music , or Messi when it comes to sports. One person can have many obstacles and another person will get to be successful very early in life and that success will continue 20 years later .

We cannot talk about lasting fame when the Sun is impeded by a malefic. Or when both the Sun and the Moon are afflicted. Or if the planet who is Lord of the chart promises fame and that planet is impeded by a malefic (Saturn or Mars) , lasting fame cannot be expected , there will be interruptions and obstacles and reputation will be affected.

Many people want to know if their relationship will lead to marriage and if they will have a happily married life. This depends very much on what planets are doing in your chart and what state they are in. Many times we read online that next year we can expect to get married or an astrologer tells us that . But you cannot predict a marriage if in your chart marriage is denied , or you cannot predict a happy marriage when you have a combust and retrograde Saturn in your 7th house or when Venus is afflicted. Whether God can change this ? Sure He can. But I am not talking about miracles God can do in our lives, I am only telling you what I can predict after studying the chart.

You must remember that no astrological method is 100% foolproof, however having said that I have found traditional astrology far more accurate than other forms of astrology.